Clean Plans

Clean plans have become a standard expectation from any potential buyer, whether online or as part of a development brochure these give the potential buyer essential information regarding the property.



Clean Plan Banner, Edgar Road, Margate, UK, Floor Plan



Clean Plan, Gladstone, Broadstairs, UK, Floor Plan, Elevation, Site Plan

Problems with viewing architectural plans

  • 1   ·   Excessive information.
  • 2   ·   Dimensions and accuracies for construction, not sale.
  • 3   ·   Required at A1 size to be readable.
  • 4   ·   Branded to the architect, not the developer.
  • 5   ·   Black and white with no excitement created.
  • 6   ·   The property boundaries are unclear.
  • 7   ·   Inability to understand symbols leaves viewer confused.
  • 8   ·   No sense of real life proportions or spaces.
  • 9   ·   Doesn’t incite imagination.

Health & Fire Safety Plans

Further to the sales market, clean floor plans can be utilised to create exact, precise drawings for health & fire safety information.

In the event of an emergency it is proven that a clean, graphic design based drawing can supply the information required quicker and more effectively than a standard construction based drawing.

Clean Plan, Gladstone, Broadstairs, UK, Floor Plan, Elevation, Site Plan

Effective & Essential

TPD Creative produces un-cluttered, stripped and attractive floor plans & elevations.

Clean floor plans, clean elevations and clean site plans are proving to be an effective marketing tool with many potential buyers identifying them as equally, or as more important than photos and room descriptions when reviewing a property.

The clean plans are a perfect opportunity to inject branding and further develop your companies brand image.

Buyers achieve a clear image regarding the size of rooms, the space created, relationships between rooms and the overall flow of a building through a clean plan.

Clean plans from TPD Creative are an essential, bespoke, branded and professional marketing tool.

Impressive, no-nonsense, immaculate drawings.

Clean Plan, Margate, Endgar Road, UK, Floor Plan, Aparments, Site Plan

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