3D Model

A physical and detailed 3D model which is to scale, allows a dynamic and direct representation of a building or structure which can be easily interacted with, viewed from indefinite angles, examined and reviewed.



3D Model Banner, architectural physical model, cityscape, london, uk



3D Model, architectural physical model, apartments, margate, kent, uk

Benefits of a Physical 3D Model

  • 1   ·   Support a construction proposal presentation.
  • 2   ·   View a culmination of drawings in one object.
  • 3   ·   Perfect for studying proportions.
  • 4   ·   Powerful & impressive marketing tool.
  • 5   ·   Dimensionally scaled visualisation.
  • 6   ·   Inspires a sense of reality to a proposal.
  • 7   ·   Display the projects impact on surrounding areas.

Evoke Reaction

TPD Creative will produce an exact representation of the floor plan, exploded build or external shell of a project.

A physical model benefits from giving both a professional and rudimentary view of a development. The model is professional by giving an impressive exact, scalable, accurate representation. Furthermore the model is rudimentary in being able to be appreciated by anyone without any architectural skill or knowledge in reading drawings.

From cutting out the requirement of reading, measuring, deciphering symbols or even understanding verbal descriptions, the direct nature of a 3D model appeals to the primitive, instinctual side of the viewer’s brain. This allows the information to be digested and understood instantly.

The 3D Models created by TPD Creative, at the most basic level evoke a reaction from the viewer, making the complex less complicated and giving a clear representation of a structure.

Don't study drawings for hours, realise the plan instantly.

3D Model, close up, architectural physical model, scale, house, margate, kent, uk

Physical Object

3D models bring a physical object into the physical world which is heavily dominated through digital and 2D representations.

Although it is indisputable that 2D drawings are essential to the construction process, a discussion whilst viewing a physical model creates deeper conversation and promotes more of an inquisitive dialog compared to that of a discussion around drawings.

3D Model, close up, architectural physical model, scale, house, margate, kent, uk

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